Membership & Dues

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Paying your dues with Tipisa lodge is easy! To pay your 2020 dues, to transfer into Tipisa or just update your contact information, select your preferred method below:

Click HERE to pay 2020 Dues or Update Membership Record online.

Below you can check your dues status and generate your membership card. Updates via the Online Dues Payment method will not be automatically reflected in this application.  We strive to update the Dues Status feature monthly, and after every Lodge event.

View your records and dues status as currently held by the Lodge. You can find your BSA ID on your BSA Membership Card at the bottom under the bar code.

Please enter your birthdate as “MM/DD/YYYY” Thank you.

Records last updated on August 18, 2020

If your information is not showing up, we may not have your correct BSA ID or birth date on file. Use the online dues form for a “records-only” update, or email with updated information. You may pay your dues via the link above even if your data does not show up above.

 Thank you and Welcome to Tipisa Lodge Dues and Membership Portal.

Tipisa Lodge Dues 2020 & 2021:

  • 2020 Dues Fee: $11.00
  • 2021 Dues Fee: $11.00

Tipisa Dues Policy (2018 Revision):

  • A member’s dues must be current to participate in any chapter, lodge, or national Order of the Arrow
  • Event Dues fees are set in the Lodge Rules.
  • After the Lodge Banquet (August), anyone paying their current dues must also pay the next year’s dues.
  • Dues can only be pre-paid one year in advance.
  • All Late Fees have been removed from Dues.

Are your dues current? – Please visit the Tipisa Membership page and follow the instructions for the Tipisa Dues Status Tool

Select Pay Dues Button and then the appropriate option:

  • Pay 2020 Dues: ($11) – You will have the option to pay next years dues as well.
  • Pay 2021 Dues: ($11) – If you are dues current and wish to pay next years dues.
  • Pay 2020 & 2021 Dues: ($22) –  This option will be available after the Lodge Banquet on 8/15/20 and is required for those who are not dues current; Per the lodge policy.
  • Update your membership record: If you are 2020 Dues current and want to update your contact information
  • Transferring into Tipisa Lodge: ($11) If you are already an Order of the Arrow Member but are new to Central Florida Council. You can enter your OA history, contact information and pay dues for this year, and an option for next year.

Please contact for dues and membership inquiries.