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Welcome to Tipisa Lodge’s Dues and Membership Portal.

Pay Dues & Update Membership Record

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  • Pay this year’s and/or next year’s dues
  • Update your membership record and contact information
  • Transfer your membership from another lodge into Tipisa Lodge

Tipisa Lodge Dues 2023 & 2024:

  • 2023 Dues Fee: $11.00
  • 2024 Dues Fee: $11.00

Tipisa Dues Policy (2018 Revision):

  • A member’s dues must be current to participate in any chapter, lodge, or national Order of the Arrow
  • Event Dues fees are set in the Lodge Rules.
  • After the Lodge Banquet (August), anyone paying their current dues must also pay the next year’s dues.
  • Dues can only be pre-paid one year in advance.
  • All Late Fees have been removed.

OA Member Portal

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Please contact for dues and membership inquiries.

(Note: the Membership & Dues Lookup feature on this page has been removed; please use the above link.)