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Tipisa Lodge is made up of eight chapters supporting the nine districts of Central Florida Council. Each Chapter is led by a Chapter Chief and advised by a Chapter Adviser.

Huracan Chapter | Seminole District

Chief: Peter Fox | Adviser: Amy Jankay

Kikape Chapter | Challenger District

Chief: Vincent Schiffer | Adviser: Kevin Hoffman

Lemhee-Yekchi Chapter | Eagle Empire District

Chief: Tyler Drone | Adviser: Henry Minor

Lodja Hadjo Chapter | Colonial and Metro Orlando Districts

Chief: Drew Jansen | Adviser: Michael Green

Micco-Tomokee Chapter | Timuqua District

Chief: Mial Baldwin | Adviser: Margaret Farmer

Nefketeh Chapter | Riverside District

Chief: Connor Faherty | Adviser: Matt Rydson

Wahitlaw Chapter | Osceola District

Chief: Olivia Foster | Adviser: Arthur Polnasek

Wewahitchka Chapter | Lake District

Chief: Clinton Kuropkat | Adviser: Doug Field