Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Awards are also given at the Lodge Banquet. The award is for the youth and the adult who contributed the most to the lodge in the immediate prior year. Service to the chapter is considered equitable to service to the lodge. Because the award is for a single year at a time, it is possible for an Arrowman to receive it more than once (which has happened twice.) The youth is selected by the adult advisers on the Lodge Executive Committee, and the adult is selected by secret ballot of the youth members. If there is a tie, there is more discussion and a second vote is taken. If there is a second tie, that result is kept secret, and two awards are given.

Because Tipisa had its Outstanding Service Award for many years before National made a Founders’ Award available, Tipisa decided to use the Founders’ Award to recognize “service to the lodge over a period of many years.” That period would, of course, be much longer for an adult than for a youth. That year’s Founder’s Award recipients are announced and recognized at the Saturday evening show at each Spring Conclave.

Past recipients can be found in the Tipisa History Book (2019 ed)

Past Recipients

Year Youth Adult
2023 Alex Lewis
2022 Marc Homburger-Jacobs
2021 John-David “JD “Adams Brandon Glass
2020 Evan Butler Dawn Gross
2019 Spencer Powell Larry Weimer
2018 Brandon Glass David Mott
2017 Ivan Diaz David Yannick
2016 Hunter Clifton Doug Abele
2015 Nick Bentley Michael Todd
2014 Michael Burton III Eric Snyder
2013 Michael Todd Paul Lackie
2012 Edison Velez William Patterson
2011 Alex Deloach James Corbett
Ryan Showman
2010 Chris Tito James Marshall
2009 Matthew Rowe Don Smith
2008 Matt Tucker Kirk Hall
2007 John Alexander Matt Ragan
2006 Andrew Collier Bob Bunnell
2005 Dominic Palvisak Duane Fogg
2004 Christopher Hester Les Leckron
2003 David Summerlot Jim DePaolo
2002 Adam Wintenburg Dale McGuire
2001 Tim Ewasko Terry Grove
2000 Reese Peacock Jeffery Q. Jonasen
1999 Chris Crowley Roger Lee Tiffany
1998 Michael Summerlot Greg Bourland
1997 James M Webster, Jr.
Ryan Korzep
Joseph Cyr
1996 Joseph “Bucky” Yates Robert “Skip” Kreyling
1995 Jason M. Gibson
Randall G. Smith
Joseph A. Moss
1994 Jon Poverud Pat Weber
1993 Christopher Ham
Howard Gross
Mark Janofsky
1992 Greg Bourland Norman Rudd
1991 Gregory L. Ferguson Robert L. Newton
1990 John Rotruck Paul Lackie
1989 Steve Jax Jim Mathews
1988 Todd Gianetti
Billee Wright
William “Bill” O’neill
1987 Kenny Perry Robert Shuey
1986 James Boettner Henry Knowles
1985 Tim Wright Jack Dillard
1984 Kurt Ewen Jim Brown
1983 Jon Hobbs Jake Wright
1982 Karl Palvisak Jack Dillard
1981 Jeffery Q. Jonasen James B. Hardin
1980 Henry Knowles Edgar Gordon
1979 Robert “Bob” Eggleston Terry Wilson
1978 Charlie Boza Ken Jackson
1977 John Keatley Sam Dawson
1976 Mike (Mouse) White Larry Koob
1975 Craig Deloy Frank Bower
1974 Mike Palvisak Sherwood “Rick” Obermeyer
1973 Patrick Lemna
Harlan Thrailkill
Richard “Dick” Deuerling
1972 Victor Clark James Evans
1971 Timothy P. Mummaw Verlin B. Duffield