Vigil Honor Recipients

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2014 Vigil Class

March 15th, 2014 | Spring Conclave

2014 Vigil Honor RecipientsThomas Calvert II | Micco Ayekcheteh (Mister Perseverance)

Donald Campbell | Echeteh Kupotokeh (Wears Many Bonnets)

Jonathan Campbell | Afeekchahket-Heevet (Diligent One)

Harrison Cord | Totiluecheh Eeyasketeh (Humble Coder)

Ryan Crider | Sokcheh Akhotteteh Poloksee (Beetle Closes The Circle)

Michael Deliz Sr.  | Hayeteh Pumee Fitcheecheteh (Gets Us Organized)

Donald Dillon Jr. | Ayeh Eemochiseecheteh Puyifekcheh (Traveler Regenerates The Spirit)

David Druhan | Punayeteh Munket Totkeh Enaheteh (Talks Until The Fire Goes Out)

Margaret Farmer | Enhehleteh Iketeecheteh Hlehlo (Likes To Watch Fish)

Elliott Gregg | Estofis Apelki-Hakeh (Constant Cheer)

Dawn Gross | Punakee Ekehlichkeh Etechakkat (Our Thoughtful Brother)

David Hedengren | Aherihee Muhayeh (Careful Teacher)

Adam Marzec | Ahlakkee Eshanehkeh (Reverent Rocker)

George Maul | Okee Laukee Mihayeh (Deep Water Counselor)

Arthur Shippee | Ehketeecheteh Oheto-Ilkeh (Watchful Over Our Forest)

Michael Sulsenti | Aossicheteh Punakee Opunikeh (He Sends Our Message)

Logan Taaffe | Meheteh Pehfnee (He Grows Fast)

Michael Todd | Yekchee Hleh (Steadies the Arrow)

William Weiss | Chuki-Owucheee Wahehleh (Snowbird Comes South)


2013 Vigil Class

March 15th, 2013 | Spring Conclave

Vigil 2013

Gregory Batty | Nakochee Atat Emeteh (We Are Richer From His Gifts)

Paul Braithwood | Opeh-Okee Puyefekcheh-Epulkee (Spiritual Own of the Waters)

Susan Burton | Etskee Yekchee-Nahee Totalosee (Mighty Chicken Mother)

Tom Calvert | Hayeteh Nakee Momat Heyeteh Nakee (Makes Things That Make Things)

Benjamin Cavallari | Nokusi-Hlakee Papeteh Hetuti-Afkeh (Big Bear Eats Ice Cream)

Christopher Colebaugh | Ehehicheh Arakkee Sukcheh (Reverent One Guards Our Pockets)

Larry Easley | Micco Nori-Cheteh Estee-Hepo (Cooking Camp King)

Brandon Eiler | Ehehlichee Homahteh Es-Ekelpee (Conscientious Leader with Brains)

Alex Field | Tastanakee Es Aya-Maheteh (Warrior with Perseverance)

Doug Field | Mehlepetketeh Teehonkeh (Calm in Chaos)

Robery Foley | Ayochatta Enicheteh Chaneh (Helps Hawks to Soar)

Gary Gibson | Mahomateh Nini Le-Homahte (Guide of The Scouting Path)

Connor Gilmore | Tafeh Puecheteh Fehlecheteh (Makes Feathers Whirl)

Kyle Gilmore | Osehnneh Hacho-Hakee Opehneteh (Crazy Dancing Otter)

Alvin Gregg | Suletawilkee Mosulleteh Yanasa (Smiling Buffalo Soldier)

Joshua Gwynn | Chechusehlkee Menhenwi Hle Yekchee (True Brother Steady Arrow)

Joseph Hanson | Hlehle Timketeh Tepoyeh (Fighting Flying Fish)

John C Jennings III | Chikee Tohtahleh (Lodge Builder)

Sally Richardson | Mahomahteh Munketeh (Enduring Mentor)

Bryan Rogers | Ellee-Ewiketeh Hulwee Palehkeneh (Steps Up to the Plate)

Ethan Voegele | Epeluseg-Hlakee Etotkeh Cheletwee (Big Smile Hard Worker)

Brent Weilhamer | Nefketeh Enhessee (Friend to the Drum)

Derek Zoock | Homahteh Tehopkee Etecheteh Eyeteh (Nimble Leader Lights the Way)


2012 Vigil Class

March 16th, 2012 | Spring Conclave

The 2012 Vigil class was called out during Spring Conclave on March 16th, 2012. However, due to a fire ban at Camp La-No-Che, the Vigil Ceremony was postponed. Subsequent ceremonies were held, and the below names are those who kept their vigil.

Michael Baker | Fecheechkeh-Chuko Estee-Wenayeh (Courthouse Cop)

Michael Burton Jr. | Chuleh Hehleee Mahayeteh (Friendly Fox Who Trains)

Phil Daly | Fekee Soh-Fineteh Fekee (He Flows from Heart to Heart)

Donald Dillon | Efulowet Chiyayekee Yekchee (Quiet Steady Shoulder)

Donald Issitt III | Nefketeh-Nefkeh Fekchee (Brings Rhythm from the Heart)

Joseph Kirschten | Lemhee Sumketeh Oketeh Onupuh (Soaring Eagle Transcends Time)

Sam Korn | Kakkee Hopyeteh Re (Raven Quests for the Arrow)

Bob Preis | Teenetkee-Hlakee Hetemoh-Maketeh (Thunder with Many Echos)

John Morgan Stanton | Katepokeh-Chatta Hlenee-Chemketeh (Red-Capped Mountain Climber)

Bo Terry | Takuecheteh Cheepineke Hesaketeh (Prepares Youth for Life)

Steve Tobler | Tekuehket Hopohlinee Enhehleteh (Wise Counselor Creates Fun)

Andrew Turner | Yetehek Chelokketeh (Interpreter Speaks Many Languages)

Edison Velez III | Emathla-Chiyayekee Fenkee-Pefnee (Silent Leader Swift Flame)

Thomas Whitlow | Ehpelusheh Rakken Mahee (Tall Big Smile)


2011 Vigil Class

March 19th, 2013 | Spring Conclave

Vigil 2011

Carl Ashcraft IV | Sumketeh Afulketeh Ahonketeteh (Goes Away and Come Back to Count)

Michael Burton III | Tosohatchee Hecheteh Hopiyeh (Crazy Chicken Sees Far)

Jonathan Cirillo | Enpuyefekcheh Kulecheteh Nennee (His Spirit Lights the Way)

Tyler Cobb | Tustenekkee Ayochatta (Red Tailed Hawk Warrior)

Steven Cournoyer | Eketehchee Pun-Hoyanee (Mindful of Our Past)

Andrew Erwin | Totkeh Yemesee Etekat Techakkat (Friendly Fire for All Brothers)

George Foley | Eheechicheh Temesee Puyefekcheh (Quiet Keeper of the Spirit)

Bill Gosselin | Etotketeh Efusteteh (Works to Serve)

Eric Hanson | Hoyeteh Pefatketeh Lemtakeh (Gives Flight to Eagles)

Melissa Haymes | Mihayeteh Fuswetakeh Sumketeh (Teaches Birds to Fly)

Constantine Karavolos | Fekee Hiyeteh Totkeh Yemehsee (Warn Heart of Friendly Fire)

Aliceann Marshall | Epeluhseh Tehokneteh Hotoskee (Smile Lightens Our Load)

Brent Meister | Munket Opehneteh (Forever Dancing)

Charles Patterson | Feketakee Yehiketeh Yefekcheh (Strings Sing the Spirit)

John Rhoades | Nokusee Hiyomat Emunkeh (Bear Is Always There)

Shane Scovil | Fahyeh Afechkeh (Happy Hunter)

Nick White | Opehneteh Peheh Ista Nakeleshkeh (Grass Dancing Patch Man)

Jerra Willman | Non-Chehtest Momet Estee Yekchee (Cooks for Strong People)


2010 Vigil Class

March 20th, 2010 | Spring Conclave

Steven Bisbing | Memsochet Atschimolsin Wojauwe (Traveler Who Counsels Chiefs)

Jerry Brady | Le-Homahtakee-Jlakkee Heehles (Bad Boy Good Friend)

Alexander Deloach | Estee-Otee Heches Ahechk-Eteekat (Beach Bum Sees the Horizon)

George Gregory | Chepani Eholwakee Engessee Heehles (Bad Boy Good Friend)

William Patterson | Hitkee-Tekfehnkeh (Bald Eagle)

Gregory Raymond | Ahonkehtes Toknapi-Lopochkee (He Counts the Coins)

Stanley Richards | Hayetes Akopinkeh Sohsee Etotketeh (Makes Fun Out of Work)

Richard Scovil | Aheechichheh Fayetilkee Mineht-Tee (Watchful Guide to Young Hunters)

Stephen Scovil | Fehyeh Mahee (Tall Hunter)

Christopher Tito | Weenahueches Punihkeh (He Brings the Word to Life)


2009 Vigil Class

March 22nd, 2009 | Spring Conclave

Frank Acevedo

Christopher Bergau

Darrell Brock

Matthew Brunold

Mitchell Gordon | Eyaskee Hessee (Humble Friend)

Peggy Hall |  (Burning Moonlight)

Nathan Johnstone

Nick Larson

Benjamin Lott

David McCulloch

Matthew Moon

David Shaffer | Heromee Fehkee

Matt Tucker | Eseheesaketeh Muntehleceteh (Inspiration to Excel)

Lawrence Weimer II

Charles Wetzel


2008 Vigil Class

March 8th, 2008 | Spring Conclave

Jay Langley | Gettmageleman Topalowilenno

Charles Brasfeild III | Selehfkee Evpayeh (Servant Leader)

David Yannick | Enhessee Etehket Oketakkee (A Friend for All Seasons)

Cody Boettner | Honeechee Hunihchefehel Opineteh (Wild Whirlwind Dancer)

Robin Boyd | Hespkwi Onayeteh Chempi Hueketeh (Robin Speaks with Sweet Voice)

Jamer Heasley | Enkeh Rakkee Kapetohkeh Suletakee (Big Head with Many Hats)

Ben Laube | Afeekhakketeh Osehuueh (Confident Otter)

Martin Olvera | Epufasteh Punakee Punketakee (Preserves Our Traditions)

Chris Rafferty | Yekehpeteh Ohetelakay Ekehlketakee (Walks the Further Miles)


2007 Vigil Class

March 11th, 2007 | Spring Conclave

Mark Abbott | Tothek Frke (Heart of Fire)

Tim Alexander | Hotilee Hlakee Mahomahkee (Great Guiding Wind)

Richard Cale | Hichee-Chetakeh Tafeh (Red Hawk Tail Feather)

Anthony Cox | Afechkee Opuhnes (Joyful Dancer)

Howard Dehner | Horkaseh Yekcheteh (Companion of Deep Power)

Matthew Eason | Estee Helesweh Chuko-Chatta (Medicine Man of the Red Tipi)

Tim Everett | Elostichers Enakee Hohlkaseh (We Delight In His Company)

Jeremy Fogg | Ehohtchkee es Etoyehittee (Writes with Lightening)

Richard Gregory | Eipayeh Tos Punakee (He is our Superhero)

Christopher Hennessey | Kehleh-hleteh Ofen Etoh-ofeh (We Know Him in the Forest)

Jace Hester | Gettemaheleman Wulamoen Achgiiki (Compassionate Devoted Jester)

David Kapp | Munkes Puy Afekcheh Re (Enduring Spirit of the Arrow)

James Marshall | Hechkee es Enketeh Ekeh (Shapes with his Hands and Head)

Arthur Polnasek | Enriches Pumee Ah-Chemketeh (Helps Us to Climb Higher)

Matthew Rowe | Hotchocheh Yehkes Punekekee (Scribe Shouts the Way)

Edward Rutledge | Huerirekee Eteetakitee Enichkeh (Stand Ready to Help)

Donald ‘Mr.’ Smith | Puchasee Temimehpkeh-Nafketeh (Master Drummer)

Terry Smith | Temimehphek-Nafketeh Sen-Chapkee (Long Tall Drumbeater)

Stephen Spake | Ellee-Weikes Hulwee Palikneh (Steps up to the Plate)

Gerald Sulsenti | Nakonekee hofolehs (Stories Spring Forward)

John Whitfield | Hechichekee Pumee Momat Hecheteh (Shows us what to See)

Peter Whitfield | Eheletekee Silkee Retihek Mihlakeh (His Quiver Holds Many Different Arrows)


2006 Vigil Class

March 17th, 2006 | Spring Conclave

Tracy Longbons | Amangiechsin Achgektum (Loud Teacher)

Carolyn Bartlett | Gentheen Macheleman (Esteemed Dancer)

Andrew Fish | Letkes Nennee Sen-Chupkee (Runs a Longer Trail)

John Alexander | Kerkuechetah Eipayeh (Assertive Leader)

Scott Brown | Hiyayekee Fekee Osenneh (Light Hearted Otter)

TJ Brownfield | Nokusee Epeluseh Askesi Rafo-hakof (Smiling Bear of Autumn Sunset)

Michael Kingston | Omiyes Ehlecheesoh-etotketeh (Swims Swiftly to Service)

Ernest Tegge III

Daniel Holland

Larry Drake | Hechiches Nennee Leputkee (Shows the Straight Trail)

Daniel Roberts

Ritchey Roberts

Amie Davis | Alosteteh Tekuelkeh (Esteemed Counsellor)

Pete Venderhoof

Kathy Leaderbeater


2005 Vigil Class

Marvin J Meyers

Michael Diamond

Christopher Harvey | Esti-Rakkee Chiyiyen Sefiki-Rakken (Quiet Giant with Great Heart)

Kyle Molldene

James Godwin | Chukesseh Kehletem Punekeneh

Brent Marshall                                                      

Robert Dallas | Totke Ekitechen Mincales (Firewatcher Forever Faithful

Andy Collier


2004 Vigil Class

March 13th, 2004 | Spring Conclave

Steven Case | Hotilee Yiniseh (Buffalo Wind)

Ryan Fadden

Scott Fleming | (Generous with His Joy in God)

Helen Hoffswell

Stuart Oxman | Shofar Hakee Afechkee (Shofar Sounds Joyfully)

Dominic Palvisak | Yekchee Efulotakee Omuyat Ehlepeh (Strong Shoulder Swimming Upstream)

Matt Ragan | Aheechichehs Puneto-Ofeh

Ryan Showman | Opeh Es-Sulkee Nakee-Wiyetakeh (Owl with Many Gifts)

Eric Snyder | Kafehs Yekchee Okee-Laukee (Strong Rower on Deep Waters)

Wilson Timmons Jr.

James Marshall Stanton | Ehlakkwecakea Rakkee (Man of Great Stature)


2003 Vigil Class

March 13th, 2003 | Spring Conclave

Tom Harrell | Chukeseh Senhehle-hayeteh Techakat

Richard Patton | Wetochwink Macheli (One who is Father to Many)

Patrick Hanegan | Epeleteh Hiuauakee Oh-wewa

Jim DePaolo | Nokusee Kawapkes Setarkeh (Bear that Bears the Load)

Michael Donahue | Henka Memekahles (Yeah, I’ll do it)

Jason Egli | Lemhee Tuhlweh (Eagle Eye)

Jeremy Hurst | Teffo Tasketes Homeh (Grasshopper Jumps to the Front)

Jeff Leadbeater, Sr. | En-ekeh Holochee Es-etotkeh

Daniel Leckron | Tulko-enchakhechkeh Heerusee

Tyler Robbins | Hechicheteh Heerusi En-ekeneh (Shows us the Beauty of the World)

Brad White | Wicheches Es-enkee Lukuthee (Heals with a Calm Hand)

Carolyn White | Elostichekees Opunkeh Em-epeluseh

Luis Fernandez


2002 Vigil Class

March 16th, 2002 | Spring Conclave

Mark Gordon | Micconope Chutkee (Big Little Chief)

Kevin Holland | Wiswaheteh Puyefekcheh Es Yekchee (Whispers the Spirit with Strength)

Kathy Labar | Hoktee-echakeh En Etoh-ofee (Lady of the Woods)

Tim Motta | Wahitlaw Nekhlichee Holochee (Southern Star Burning Brightly)

David Wickham | Heyeteh Pumee Senheehleh Fetteh (Build us a Better Place)

Glen Ward | Chokoh-seholopeh Mehahketeh (Patient Painter)

Dennis Siewert | Chuto-Kunaweh Nak-hayeh (Financial Alchemist)

John Vajanyi Jr. | Achewon Wdee Machque (Strongheart Bear)


2001 Vigil Class

March 24th, 2001 | Spring Conclave

Earl Dorris

Chris Collings | Rakkee Epeluseh Teuekches Tulasweh (Big Smile with Tangled Tongue)

Bobby Davis | Kiyee Fehkee Lakchipee-Lanhnee (Warm Hearted Live Oak)

Harold Donald | Hotilee Licheh Woapalanne Ti-hlepeh (Wind Beneath the Eagles Wings)

George Harrison | Kayichehs Heerakeh Atilekses (He Lays Out a Fine Spread)

Christopher Hester | Sukcheh Miketehkes Tinahspee Punikeh (Quiver Full of Slick Talk)

Jeff Leadbeater | Lowchki Empunayeh Rakkee Puyifekche (Soft Speak of Great Spirit)

Deborah Long | Enkee-etskee Wochoh Tehe (Thumb Carver)

Ann Metcalf | Setehs Etolkuleechiketen Kileecheteh (Brings the Torches to be Lit)

Stephen Palvisak

David Summerlot | Ehotchehs Enakee Nennee (He Writes His Own Way)

Andrew Wheeler| Yekipetes Emunki Afechki Hecheteh Chi (Hiker Always Glad to See You)

Mike Bernard

Bill Cowles

Stefan Hester | Cheuilleteh Aliketeh Tenhlepeteh

Ben Jelsema

Kathy Leadbeater | Ekeeteches Menetee Sen-Echayeehkeh (She Watches You with Care)

Mike Palvisak

Steve Robinson

Anthony Roman

Alexander Rubin

Martin Rubin

Bernard Stevens

Stephen Terry | Wipunxit Wiehcheu (Gray Wolf)

Jeff Yost


2000 Vigil Class

March 25th, 2000 | Spring Conclave

Angel Delgado

George Carlson | Achewon Olsittam (Strong Believer)

Tom Tweit

Wendy Keefer

Merri Addison | Keh Hleteh Hlepuheteh Eto Ofeh (She Who Knows Her Way in the Woods)

Debbie Summerlot

Jason Vise

Stephen Welch

Adam Wintenburg | (True Arrow of Quiet Flight)

Richard Winterburg | Telekswon Estehmih Rakke Fekoe (Gruff Giver of Great Heart)

Scott Jennings | Nek-Hlee Holochee Es Etechakketee

Jeff Vowell


1999 Vigil Class

March 27th, 1999 | Spring Conclave

Belva Wilson | Lauchsoheen Witschindin (Happy Helper)

Daniel Waite | Apensuwi Lenatit (Useful Little Man)

Ted Kabaservice

Tim Ewasko

Kay Harrington | Menhehleteh Lemhee Etskee (Delightful Eagle Mother)

Michael Kiser

Dale McGuire | Holoche Etoyehehitee Akeletch (Bright Lighting Thrower)

Brian McNiff Jr.        

Brian McNiff Sr.

Reese Peacock | Hayeteh Chumoheteh Ehlo (Resourceful Bouncing Squirrel)

Brandon Willis

Rick Peacock | Eamakita Osklacha (Generous Rainmaker)