Vigil Honor Recipients

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Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation. The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person’s conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to the Lodge, Order of the Arrow, Scouting Community, and/or a local Scout Camp.

Tipisa Lodge is honored to have a long tradition of recognizing worth individuals with the Vigil Honor. Tipisa has employed additional traditions and methods to better recognize and inspire its Vigil Honor candidates.

Over the past 75 years, Tipisa has invited over 600 members to the Vigil Circle. Dates and locations of Vigil inductions are approximate and represent when and where the majority of the class kept their Vigil.

Vigil Class Of 1953

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

C. Eric Bishop – Morning Star

Ivan Farrens – He Who Trades

Kenneth Wengert

Vigil Class Of 1954

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Henry B. Most – Collector

Vigil Class Of 1956

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Russell G. Carr – Meeting of Trails

Michael Testrake – Leader

Vigil Class Of 1958

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Joseph Bumby – Loves Good Food

William Church – Flying Squirrel (Tumbling) (Kob Law’wah)

Carlton Shively – Beaver

Howard Smith – He Loves

Vigil Class Of 1959

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

John Dibler – Straight Shot

Tony Yacono – Fleet Of Foot (Hugahopi)

Vigil Class of 1960

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Robert Cook – Yellow Snake

John R. Kellogg, Sr. – Medicine Man (Oga Triba)

Henry Land – Little Bee

Harrison Smith – Walks Many Moons

David Vogler – Little Dance

Vigil Class Of 1961

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Joseph Angy – Tracker

Charles F. Cole – Moving Along

Jay Mickey – Leading Eagle

Harold O. Kline – Light Foot

Eugene Waterman – Energetic Man

Thomas White – Clear View

Joseph Woolweaver – Long Run

Vigil Class Of 1962

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Craig T. Bell – Cutter Of Wood

James Johnson – Dancer

Lawrence w. Marino – Woodpecker

Eugene Mitchell – Small Speech

Peter Pryor – Elder Brother

Vigil Class Of 1963

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Randall Chase, Jr. – Little Chief

Albert Fiori – Black Fox

Walter Lanz – Little Brother

John Marmish – Southwind

Russell Mitchell – Bald Eagle (Tsikkiryina)

Marion E. “Pete” Thompson – Young Buck (Awinita)

Vigil Class Of 1964

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Randolph B. Brooks – Hatchet Man (Puchus Iste)

Jay D. Cornet – Music Maker (Haiemonis)

Verlin B Duffield – Elder Brother (Elaha)

James A. Frev – Good Leader (Emathlajus)

Gary Harris – Running Antelope (Tatokainyanka)

Roger Lee Tiffany – Charging Thunder (Wakinyanwatakpe)

Vigil Class Of 1965

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Charles Steven Angy – Young Leader

Cecil Bothwell, Jr – Commissioner (Yatikachicco)

Raymond Fisher – Young Chief

James Gross – Traveler (Ugashonton)

Charles Hale – Great White Chief (Tatiestawoh)

James A. Malsbarry – One of the Water (Humkinfowewa)

Albert Mesa, Sr. – Silent Worker (Opanikitee)

James Patton – Man Of the Hills (Solkkinfopot)

E. Lester Stanton – The Great Teacher (Esteeminnittee)

Jerry Tickle – The Tall One (Teioshihum)
Thomas Mader – Great Spirit (Hisakitamisi)

Vigil Class Of 1966

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

James Caldwell – Little Dog

James A. Maroney – Cook

R.O. “Rip” Collins – Leader (Takachsin)

Richard Deuerling – Friendly One (Tgauchsin)

John Guilkey – Worker

Walter Krohne – Owl

Frank L. Pocica – Woodcutter

Joseph Simonson – Busy One

John Williams – Pretty One (Awulisu)

Louis LaBombard – Dancer

Vigil Class Of 1967

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Charlie Bertsch – One Who Instructs (Allohakasin)

Samuel Bledsoe – Red-Headed One (Meechgalhukquot)

Robert Butler – Determined One

Bert Christensen – Helpful One

Phillip A. Essenpeis – Joyful One

Alfred Green – Leader

John Greer – Perplexed One (Ksukquamallsin)

Edward Heitling – Far Sighted One

Byron Humphries – He Who Serves (Allogagen)

Walter Krohne, Jr, – Willing Teacher

Thomas Lawson – One Who Does Good Work (Wulalogewagan)

Randall Lewis – Beloved Bear (Ahotasu Machque)

William Luecking, Sr, – Esteemed One

William Martinson – Big Talker (Amangi Wewingtoheet)

Barry Mesa

Charles Mitchell – Elder Brother

Thomas “Bill” Mountz – Dancer

Richard Steventon, Sr. – Bald Headed Doctor

Vigil Class Of 1968

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Joseph Akerman – Doctor (Kikehuwet)

Ronnie Bertsch – Fish (Names)

Cameron Bothwell – Little One (Tatchen)

Robert Bunnell – Active One (Wischixin)

Bert Christensen – Careful One (Ksinelendan)

Robert Dallas, Sr. – Firemaker (Tendeuchen)

Robert Davis – He Who Looks Beyond (Wulowachtauwoapin)

Michael Davis – Good Natured One (Tgaushsin)

Timothy Deuerling – East Wind (Achpateuny)

David Hannon – Younger Brother (Chesimus)

William Hartman – Listens (Glistam)

Thomas Helms – Night Hawk (Pischk)

Frank Herman – Skillful Bow (Wowoatam Hattape)

William Ivy – Ardent One (Segachtek)

Alien M. Kirby – Valuable One (Wilawi)

William Ross – One Who Encourages

Blair Kitner – Fighting Chipmunk (Machtagan Anicus)

Robert Luecking – Inquiring One (Natoochton)

William McFetridge – Esteemed Brother (Ahoatam Nimat)

Thomas Mountz – One Who Gets Attention (Papenauwelendam)

Bruce Nelson – Experienced Gardener (Lippoe Menahakehhamat)

Herbert Pedrick – One Who Is A Father (Wetochwink)

David Steventon – Panther (Quenischquney)

Richard Steventon, Jr – One Who Looks Ahead (Wulinaxin)

Rollyn Trotter – One Who Can Be Trusted (Nagatamen)

Bruce Tyson – Second Son (Nischeneyit Quis)

Pierce Tyson – Servant of the Lord (Allogagen Nehellatank)

Vigil Class Of 1969

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Steve Adams – One Of Calm Mind (Klamhattenamin)

Alan Campion – Chief Of Florida (Mushink Sakima)

Benjamin Frey, Sr. – Valuable Touchbearer (Wilawi Nendawen)

Edward Heitling – Helpful Neighbor (Witscheman Pechotschigalit)

Richard Deuerling, Jr. – Fast Runner (Kschamehhallen)

Kenneth Jackson – Willing One (Nuwingi)

Morris Dillard – Busy One (Wischiki)

Lane Ely – One Who Aids (Witawematpanni)

R. Larry Fairley – One Who Sees Big Things (Chikapendawi)

Robert S. Pocica – Traveler (Memsochet)

John D. Pruett – Chief Of Men (Lennuwakink)

Scott W. Rampenthal – Diligent One (Lichpin)

Myron Rust – One Who Is Ready (Gischhatten)

Eric A. Siebert – One Who Goes After Much (Nootemen Maxeel)

Barry Signorelii – One Who Is Happy To Work

Virgil Stringfield – Flying Squirrel (Blacknik)

William Townsend – One Who Does Good Work (Wulalogewagan)

Thomas Wall – Quiet One (Klamachpin)

Vigil Class Of 1970

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Barry Biss – One Who Has Authority

Marc L. Hoover – One Who Grows Fast

Don Culver – Southerner (Shatakaekih)

Charles Davis – Worker (Mikemossit)

Mark Harland – Hard Worker (Achowalogen)

Joseph Hintzen – Good Natured One

Richard Horinka – Interpreter (Anhoktonhen)

David Kramer – Go Between (Paganchihillacus)

Karl Kroemer – Hard Worker (Achowalogen)

Timothy P. Mummaw – Firemaker

Kirk Hintzen – Silent One

Frank Roman Pocica – He Who Makes One Happy (Lauchsoheen)

Virgil Powers – Talker

Glenn Smith – Worker (Mikemossit)

Edward Weston – Lively One (Achgiguwen)

John Willis – Big Overseer

Galatian “Tiny” Yeoman – Agreeable One (Nachgundin)

Vigil Class Of 1971

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Sheridan J. Becht – Little Dancer (Gentgeentat)

Ralph M. Bosh – By The Side Of The Stream (Wakpicada)

Lester Chew – Wind From The East (Achpateuny)

Mark Doherty – Keeper Of The Bow (Wadchamik Ahtomp)

Coleclough Fowler – One Who Is Skillful (Akhikola)

Richard Graves – Calm-Minded One (Klamhattenamin)

James P. Hornock – Builder (Wikhetschick)

Louis F. Lanford – Bear With A Big Voice

Sherwood F. Obermeyer – Loyal One (Lehke)

Brian Sullivan – One Who Can Be Trusted (Nagatamen)

Harlan Thrailkill – Little Stars (Anovgons)

Lee Wetherbee – One Who Is Helpful(Wawokiye)

Robert Whipple – Facing The Wind (Kimonhon)

Vigil Class Of 1972

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Michael Alt – Quiet One (Klamachpin)

Victor Clark – Eagle Person (Althanika)

John Claypool – One Who Lifts Up (Aspenumen)

Alfonso F. Gonzales – Peacemaker (Gahistiki)

Pat Lei – Keeper Of The Fire (Wadchamik Nootaw)

Gilbert McCormick – Bright Sky (Deorounyathe)

Michael Palvisak – Sunlight (Shaudin)

Albert Seeschaaf – Medicine Bear (Matawakan)

Bruce Stanley – Night Rain (Sokanon Nukon)

Elzy Trumbo – Spiritual or Soul Brother (Achewon)

Thomas Yarotta – By The Lake (Chickagami)

Vigil Class Of 1973

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

Alien J. Dane – Torch Carrier (Nendawen)

Mark DesRoziers – Young Beaver (Tayanita)

Randy Fowler – White Hawk (Chetanska)

Bruce Frahm – Mountain Lion (Igumutanka)

George Frey – Persevering One (Achunanchi)

Brian Jones – On The Watch (Daatgadose)

Joseph McCormick – Worker (Wowashi)

William R. Netterville – Story Teller (Wawokaya)

Christopher Watkins – Gray Wolf (Shontonga)

Robert York – Energetic Man (Rohehhon)

Jack Hoffman – Breaded One (Tuney)

Vigil Class Of 1974

Inducted at Camp La-No-Che.

E. Y. Fry – One Who Does Good Work (Wulalogewagan)

Charles Harvey – He Who Has Good Spirits (Wulantowagan)

Douglas Johnson – Steady One (Clamhattenmoagan)

Theodore Johnson – One Who Is A Father (Wetochwink)

Johnny King – He Who Does Good For Others (Wulihen)

Justin Mostert – Leader (Takachsin)

David Seeschaaf – Lively One (Achgiguwen)

Samuel Swiger – Thoughtful One (Pennauweleman)

Leonard Taft – Fast Runner (Kschamenhhellan)

Vigil Class Of 1975

Inducted September 1st, 1975 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Dale Boettcher – One Who Carries A Heavy Load (Najundam)

Dee DeLoy – One Who Creates With His Hands (Gischihan)

Craig DeLoy – He Who Has Good Spirits (Wulantowagan)

John Eggleston – Able Leader (Wunita Takachsin)

Charles Evans – Best Cook (Wulit Sachgachtoon)

Ned Mitenius – Inquiring One (Natoochton)

John Pulsifer – Prudent One (Wewaoatamowi)

Louis Thedy – Friendly One (Tgauchsin)

Vigil Class Of 1976

Inducted August 1st, 1974 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Paul Davis – Young Beaver (Tayanita)

Samuel Dawson – He Who Is On The Watch (Daatgadose)

Al LaRoe – Flying Messenger (Dakarihhontye)

James “Jim” McOwen – Jack Rabbit (Omakatiska)

Peter Pharr – One Who Helps (Wawokiye)

Gary Thornton – He Who Is Amiable (Galilahi)

Michael White – White Quiver (Ches’ Chesnopa)

Vigil Class Of 1977

Inducted September 10th, 1977 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Gary Dillard – Big Blue Heron (Wakkolotko)

Robert E. Eggleston – Peaceful One (Langundowi)

Duane Fogg – Deep Flowing Water (Chuppecat)

Fred Hine – To Give A Hand (Amoschay Inteetipixtee)

John M. Keatley – Bluejay (Toschee)

Chris Lombardo – Buffalo (Sislija)

Ernie Mosteller – Otter (Gunammochk)

Dean Saunders – Fox (Woakus)

Vigil Class Of 1978

Inducted September 1st, 1978 at Camp-La-No-Che.

John Akerman – Bewilling Spirit (Gaitati Menschtschank)

Charles Boza – Caterpillar (Moochwes)

Thomas D. Arnold J – To Walk Rope (Achpamsin Schingiptikan)

Mark Durland – To Speak Softly (Aptonen Klamachpin)

W. Scott Johnson – Green Grasshopper (Kachipasques)

Karl Palvisak – He Who Takes Care Of Everything (Genachgiton Nachquoawe)

Charles E. Short – Spiritual Power (Mantowgan)

Robert Voegele – He Who Is Strength (Tschitanissowaganit)

Ronald D. Williams – To Grind Roasted Corn (Tachquahoaken Achpoem)

Ronald Woodward – One Who Is Precise (Schachachgen)

Vigil Class Of 1979

Inducted September 1st, 1981 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Jeff Charbonnet – Quick Active One (Allipijeyjuwagan)

L. Jack Dillard, Sr. – Power of Endurance (Ahowoapewi)

John R. Eggleston – He Who Speaks A Good Word For Us (Wulaptonaelchukquonk)

Richard C. Gibson – Twice Good Work (Nischen Wulalogewan)

Roy McCormick – Rays Of The Sun (Gischuchwipall)

Robert C. McOwen – Silent Beaver (Tschitqui Ktemaque)

Hector “Tico” Perez – He Who Overcomes With Power (Patahowen Nachpi Tschitanissowagan)

Joe E. Wagner II – Preserver (Genachgihat)

Dan R. Johnson – He Who Is There At All Times (Epit Abtschi)

Terry L. Wilson – Mild, Gracious One (Tgauchsu)

Vigil Class Of 1980

Inducted September 7thst, 1980 at Camp-La-No-Che.

George Goodboe – Tooth Maker (Wipit Manitto)

David L. Jenkins – Firebrand (Plitey)

Edgar “Flash” Gordon – He Flashes Like Lightning (Sasappelehelleu)

Jeffery Jonasen – He Carries The Torch Reflecting Brightly (Nendawen Sabbeleu)

James B. Hardin – He Who Is Concerned For Us (Lechauwelendamen

Henry Knowles – He Who Keeps Watch As It Is Written (Nutindam Elekhasik)

Monty Hines – Powerful Paddler (Allohak Tschimhammen)

Harrell Rawlins – He Travels With Pleasure To Help (Wingochwen Witschingen)

Michael Hobbs – Young Buck (Awelemukwnees)

Ira Stanley – The Good Kind (Wulilissu)

Vigil Class Of 1981

Inducted September 1st, 1981 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Steve Ball – He Who Is Merry (Glakelendam)

Curt Berckhemer – Otter (Gunammochk)

F. M. Berckhemer – Little Bear (Tangetto Machque)

Jeff Brown – Friendly One (Tgauchsin)

Michael Dahmer – He Who Perseveres (Tschitanitehen)

Kurt Ewen – He Who Is Ready (Gischipenauwelendam)

Ricky Fisher – Capable One (Tschitanissowagan)

Roy Gorski – Pious Person (Welilissit)
Thomas Hobbs – He Who Goes All Out (Wemiten)

Lee Lindsey – Persauder (Achtschinkhalan)

Thomas Madden – Still Water (Klampeechen)

Timothy Mowery – Hard Sleeper (Achowat Gewit)

Robert Shuey – One Who Cares For Campers (Anatschiton Mechwauwikenk)

Floyd A. White III – He Who Sails Up The Water (Nallahhemen)

William “Billy” William – Lightning Bug (Sasappis)

Jeff Yost – Turtle (Tulpa)

Vigil Class Of 1982

Inducted September 12th, 1982 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Robert Brown – He Who Guides Young Bucks (Kichkinet Awelemukunees)

John E. Madden – He Who Travels The World (Missochwen Pemhakamixit)

William Dietz – Spirituous Runner (Achewiecheu Kschamehhellan)

Ronald S. Roux – He Who Keeps Rabbits (Tschimamus Nochnutemaliuwet)

Len Greene – Silent Healer (Tschitqui Kikehuwet)

Jon Hobbs – He Who Is Stubborn With Money (Amendchewagan Gock)

Greg Kelley – To Sing in Company With A Musical Instrument (Witalamuin Achipiquon)

Michael L. Lindsay – He Drums (Pochonummeu)

John Stemberger – Spirited Warrior (Achwon Netopalis)

Charles “Dick” Walsh – He Who Keeps Watch Over Our Fires (Nechasin Tindey)

Victor White – Wise Cook (Lippoe Sachgachtoon)

Paul Wilson – Our Powerful Brother (Allohak Nimat)

Vigil Class Of 1983

Inducted September 11th, 1983 at Camp-La-No-Che.

James Ailes – Thoughtful One (Pennauweleman)

Mal Berckhemer – Friendly Puppy (Tgauchsin Allumes)

James Boettner – Silent Leader

James A. Brown – To Carry All (Wemhundammen)

Fred Howell – Black Oak (Wisachgak)

Edward P. Johnson – Leader Without Glory (Takachsin Katschemunk Mechelemoachgenindewagan)

Christopher Kimball – Friendly, Jocular One (Tguachsin Achigiguwen)

Patrick Rabun – Peaceful Friend (Langundowi Elangomat)

David Charles Hawkins – Willing Worker (Nuwingi Achowalogen)

Ta-Ann Sung – Humble One (Gettemagelensit)

Vigil Class Of 1984

Inducted September 9th, 1984 at Camp-La-No-Che.

John Beringer – Loud Steamboat (Yekchee Pehlohiyeh)

James E. T. Duck – Running Duck (Letketuh Focheh)

John Ivy – Willful Bullfro (Ahoweli Andhanni)

Robert Kreyling – Skillfull Teacher (Wowoatam Achgeketum)

Paul Lackie – Our Flying Brother (Allemitt Hiller Nimat)

John P. Loughe – He Who Clears The Fog (Neka Gischachtek Awonn)

Joseph Moss – Eternal Friend (Hallemini Elangomat)

Zane Tomlinson, Sr, – Trail Leader (Aney Tekachsin)

Vigil Class Of 1985

Inducted September 8th, 1985 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Timothy J. Gray – Joyful Helper (Wulelendamuwi Witahemen)

Howard Latourette – Everybody’s Friend (Utehkat Enhessy)

Richard Maly – Tall Man (Ganoqnot Lenape)

William O’Neill – Jolly Giant (Achigiguwen Amangi Zenape)

Patrick Victor – Strong Walker (Achewiecheu Pemsit)

Jacob L. Wright – Lightning Maker (Sasappelehelleu Manitto)

Timothy L. Wright – Little Warrior (Tangitti Topalowilenno)

Vigil Class Of 1986

Inducted September 8th, 1986 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Paul Conboy – Mountain Walker (Wachtsu Pemsit)

Ronald Denmark – Happy Sleeper (Getteminak Gewit)

Frank Ternest – Baldheaded Shooter (Moschakantpeu Palachkammen)

Neil Ternest – Little Boy Camper (Pilawessin Mechamauwikenk)

Ronald Partridge – Faithful Hard Worker (Heromee Yekchee-etotketeh)

Damon Patterson – Gator Hater(Halapata Enhomechkeh)

Kenny Perry – Ball Kicker (Pokko Refketeh)

Joe E. Wagner, Jr. – Steady Snail (Yekchee Sestsumkey)

John Whitney – Fellowship Boy (Nachpauchsowagan Pilawetschitsch)

William “Billee” Wright – Foot Slider(Wsit Schachihilleu)

Robert Segrest – Bald Crane (Lemkee Watooleh)

Vigil Class Of 1987

Inducted September 13th, 1987 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Bruce Atherton – Skilled Marksman (Wowatam Achquetahen)

William Hendricks – Fuzzy Red Friend (Auchsuwagan Meechxit Nitis)

Lance “Chip” Borman – One Who Instructs (Allohakasin)

Tod Joossens – Swimming Brother (Petschowen Chesimus)

Timothy Carrier – Ceremony Chief (Rangapsett Sakima)}

Thomas Conboy – Faithful One (Wulamhittamoawagan)

Dan Golding – Record Keeper (Pilakette Mingamonue)

Michael Hallberg – Spirit Leader (Witschitschank Sachgaguntin)

John “Tex” Lewis – Buffalo Shepherd (Nutenekiset)

Carl Motes – Law Advocator (Lilenowagan Wulaptonaelchukquonk)

Lyman “Pat” Patterson – Merry Zealous Shepherd (Wullelendam Sattek Nutemekiset)

Vigil Class Of 1988

Inducted September 11th, 1988 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Gregory Bourland – Long Haired Crane (Clarkee Essee Watooleh)

Curt Eaby – Spiritual Oak (Witschitschang Wisachgak)

Gregory Ferguson – Silent Servant (Chiyahyekee Selufkee)

Harvey Francisco – Laughing Minnow (Odrehlu Rekrewoochee)

Todd Gianetti – Snorting Weight Lifter (Tulosketeh Sutarkeh Kuwaretuh)

Carl W. Holland – Friendly Teacher (Tgauchsin Achgeketum)

Ed Irons – Trading Beaver (Memhallamud Ktemque)

Steven Jax – Big Water Beetle (Rakkeh Okee Sokeluh)

Orman Shingleton – Right Tasting Chef (Nennawipoquat Wiechenin)

Ron Williams, Jr. – Hungry Merchant (Lacuko Nehsch)

Vigil Class Of 1989

Inducted September 10th, 1989 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Glen Beckwith – Southern Strength (Wahehliyeh Yekchee)

Robert Leisure – Helper To Arrow (Oonicheh Etoh Reh)

Christopher Cogle – Strong Twig (Yekchee Lehtchoochoh)

Thomas Courtney – Shining Servant (Holochee Utotkeh)

Erik Irrgang – Man Mountain (Estee Hlunee)

James Mathews – Stork Counting Beans (Watooleh Tehlako Ahokehteteh)

David Sapp – Beaded Brother (Koonaweh Hluheh)
Joseph Tinney – Red Neck (Chatee Nokweh)

Vigil Class Of 1990

Inducted June 10th, 1990 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Ray Alien – Friendly Water Boy (Tguachsin Mbi Skahenso)

Joseph Gaston – Black Buffalo (Sukeu Sisilija)

David Hackett – Sharp-Tongued Badger (Khinsu Wilano Munhacke)

Frank Kreyling – Little Swimmer (Tangitti Aschowin)

William Litton – He Who Performs Indian Ceremonies (Lissin Helleniechsin)

David Melson – Righteous One (Schachachgapewo)

James Mott, Jr. – Woodcutter (Giskhaquen)

Walter Ritterbush – Enlightened Leader (Gischachsummen Takachsin)

John Rotruck – Powerful Rag Trader (Eluwak Naklesku Memhallmund)

Robert Smith – Honey Hunter (Rakkefoencehmpe Fayepeh)

Richard “Jody” Wigelsworth – Devoted Servant (Lechauwelendamen Allogagan)

John Yantsios – Accomplished Camper (Pakantschiechen Mechmauwikenk)

Michael Young – He Who Makes Others Happy (Lauchsoheen)

Vigil Class Of 1991

Inducted June 9th, 1991 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Christopher Ham – He Questions Without End (Eemee Tempoheteh Topehleh Wiketeh)

Robert Newton – Storyteller All Of The Time (Punayeh Omenhikeh Okehteh)

Jeff Saylor – Big Little Chief (Hlakke Miccanul Smith – Serious Friend With

Shining Head (Maleretkoosee Hese Holecheteh Ekeh)

John Willman – Hard Worker When Pushed (Seletwee Ehtotkeh Ofeh Aheepehketeh)

Vigil Class Of 1992

Inducted April 5th, 1992 at Camp-La-No-Che.

Kermit Gay – Council Sage (Nehkafteteh Hopohlenee)

Terry Grove – Godly Servant (Fehtcheh-ayet Seluhfkee)

Robert Mitcheil – Friendly Squirrel (Yemehsee Ehlo)

Norman Rudd – Blazing Beaver (Fenkahkat Ech-hasweh)

Randall Smith – He Gives Us His Strength (Eoojneteh Enahlee Yekchee)

Jason Woodmansee – Mighty Scholar (Yekchee-mahee Nakchokeh-enhecheh)

Vigil Class Of 1993

Inducted March 28th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1993 Spring Conclave.

Vincent Bidez – Spiritual Skin Scraper (Tguachsin Mbi Skahenso)

Richard Lawrence – He Lights Many Candles (Schachachgapewo)

Joshua Dinan – The Sound Of Triumphant Trumpets (Hakee Ohinketeh Pofketeh)

Marvin Richards – Fresh Spring In The Small Winding River (Tupiksee Uekiweh Econlockhatchee)

Robert Doyne – Broken Star Shining Brightly (Kutkee Kochochumpeh)

James Washington, Jr. – Mister Fluffy (Mekko Tafeh)

Howard Gross – He Is Patient With Us (Emehaketeh Pumee)

Ronald Weber – Calm Careful Cascade (Lekuthee Herichee Ue-Ohilaketeh)

Vigil Class Of 1994

Inducted March 27th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1994 Spring Conclave.

Christopher Carlton – A Very Cool Flame (Mahee Akeseppee Fenkee)

Joe Cyr – Partner In Service (Tohkaleh Ofeh Etotketh)

Theodore Free – Long Time Teacher (Hofuneh Mehayeh)

Toby Grissom – Excellent Chief (Muntalee Micco)

Josh Keserauskas – Strong Little Chief (Yekchee Miccanope)

Barry Lewandowski – Fiery Meteor (Fenkakat Kochochumpeh-Senepkeh)

William Miller – Guide Who Encourages (Mahomahteh Ma Mechahneteh)

Patricia Weber – Gracious Lady(Ehonhlekee Hoktee-Echakeh)

Vigil Class Of 1995

Inducted March 26th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1995 Spring Conclave.

Harvey Arnold – He Paddles Many Waters (Kahfeteh Okee-Sulkee)

Rowland Darbin – Quiet Leader (Epayih Yemehsee)

Sharon Miller – Buffalo Spirit (Yenehseh Puyifekcheh)

Jimmy O’Neal – Dances With Thread (Pen-keh Es Afusweh)

Jason Gibson – Laughs At Work (Epeleteh Ofetcheh Etotketeh)

Jon Poverud – Gentleman Thinker (Estee-Heehlee Ehkeep-Hlicheh)

Neal James – Guides Young Chiefs (Mahomahteteh Micco Minettee)

Robert Salas – He Handles Many Tools (Selahyeteh Sulkee See-Ehtotketeh)

Steven Lapha – Smiling Firefly (Ehpeeluhseteh Kulipeh)

Matt Midgette – Keeps Many Beads (Echayecheh Sulkee Kunaweh)

Shane Thornton – Otter Makes Splash (Osehnneh Hayeteh Teefesketeh)

Charlie Wheeler – Chapter Pillar (Seetekehpikee Chukehlle)

Vigil Class Of 1996

Inducted March 23rd at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1993 Spring Conclave.

Jeffrey Cowley – He Lifts A Heavy Load (Kehwapketeh Hunnee Sehtavkeh)

Martin Drake – Eternal Inspiration (Estofls Es-Eheesaketeh)

Ryan Korzep – Awesome Radiant Arrowseeker (Akehsehmkusee Holochee Hie Hopoyeh)

Christopher Labissiere – Spiritual Runner Out Front (Puyehfekcheh-Epehkee Letkeh Humeh)

James Foley – Lightning Messenger (Etoyehehttee Punehkeh-Sahleh)

Gene Lent – Perserver Of Our Precious Past (Epufasteh Nakehchakee Hoyanee)

Andrew Hildebrand – Shepherd Within The Red Tipi (Aheechicheh Ohlohfin Chuko-Chatee)

Ronald Ribaric – Beaver With Sweet Smelling Smoke (Ech-Hasweh Femehleh Ekkuchee)

Michael Farrington – He Still Dances (Opehneteh Lekuthe)

Les Leckron – Quiet Hardworking Owl (Chehyiyakee Yekchee-Etotketeh Opeh)

Thomas Schneider – Watchful Friend (Ekeetechee Hessee)

Eva Shoemaker – Sage Diplomat (Hopohleenee En-Fetchecheh)

John Tiffany – Humble Conscience (Eyaskee Kehlichkeh)

James Webster, Jr. – Silent Thunder Of The South (Chiyayehkee Teenetkee Wahelleh)

David Winters – He Walks Quietly With Young Chiefs (Yehkepeteh Cheyiyakee Es Miccochee)

Joseph “Bucky” Yates – Devoted Rainbow Guide (Hehlomee Oskee-Entacheh Kitchkinet)

Vigil Class Of 1997

Inducted March 15th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1997 Spring Conclave.

Evan Borysko – Rooster (Totolohsee-enhunehnweh)

Matthew Farrington – His Music Inspires Us To Dance (Enyuhikee Es-uhesahketeh Opuhnetuh)

John Fisher – Bluejay That Catches Fish (Tussee Aswiketeh)

John Harrell – He Keeps Doing That! (Uheechicheteh Hiyomeecheteh)

Don Lajoie – Loves The Woods And Camping (Unokechkeh Etulkee Hupo-hayeteh)

George Margias – Little Chief Who Grows Greatly (Micconope Maheteh Rakkee)

Jeanette Mazza – Spiritual Seeker of the Arrow (Puyefekcheh-upukee Hopoyeh En Re)

Thomas Mazza – Gladly Bears Many Burdens (Afechki Wihetuh Sulkee Hotosketuki)

Donald Stafford – Guide Of Guides (Mahomahteh En Ahechichetukee)

Garrett Weston – Sails With The Spirit Wind (Sakupeeyetuh Es Yufekcheh Hohtelee)

Jeffrey Wheeler – Steadfast Guide Toward The Campfire (Yekchee Achechicheh Ehle Totkeh)

Vigil Class Of 1998

Inducted March 26th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1998 Spring Conclave.

David Cross – Big Brother Of Bright Spirit (Riheh Holohchee Yifekcheh)

Christopher Crowley – Brings Weight To Bear (Sihteteh Sitarkeh Etoh Ettuecheteh)

Alan Fowler – Silent Water Running Strong (Chiyayekee Ueweh Letketeh Yekchee)

Jeff Fowler – Spring Of Refreshed Spirit (Uekihweh Mucheh-secheteh Yifekcheh)

Ronald Harrington – Makes Good Men Of Youth (Mahehcheteh Estetakee Chustakee)

Eleanor Johnson – Weaves Us A Cheerful Spirit (Tahleteh Pumee Afechkee Yifekcheh)

Ted Kabaservice – Gives Life To Legend (Emeteh Hesahketeh Etoh Nakonehkeh)

Samuel Leckron – Lean Laughter (Tewakneh Epehleh)

Christ Margias – Tangled Ties Of Brotherhood (Teeyekcheteh Wenahkee Techahkkat)

Timothy Nufer – Friendly Chief Who Knows The Words (Yemehsee Micco Kehleteh Punehkeh)

Michael Summerlot – Dances With Many Words (Opehneteh Es Sulkee Punehkeh)

Robert Zoretic, Sr. – Moves Us Towards The Arrow (Akueyicheteh Pumee Ohfetcheh Re)

Vigil Class of 1999

Inducted March 27th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 1999 Spring Conclave.

Timothy Ewasko – Sharer Of Wonderful Vision (Pumeteh Senhechkee)

Kay Harrington – Delightful Eagle Mother (Menhehleteh Lemkee Etskee)

Michael Kiser – Excellent Elangomat (Muhntalee Enhessee)

Dale McGuire – Bright Lightning Thrower (Holohchee Etoyehehttee Akehleteh)

Brian McNiff, Jr. – Maker Of Mountain Paths (Hayeh En Ekenhilwee Nennee)

Brian McNiff, Sr. – Speaks With Great Heart (Kichakateh Es Rakkee Fehkee)

Reese Peacock – Resourceful Bouncing Squirrel (Hayeteh Chumotteteh Ehlo)

Rick Peacock – Generous Rainmaker (Emahketeh Uskicha)

Rick Rayl – Builder Of Brothers (Tohtahleh En Techakkat)

Brandon Willis – Calm Buffalo Guide (Lehoothee Yenehseh Mahomahteh)

Vigil Class of 2000

Inducted March 25th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2000 Spring Conclave.

Merri Addison – Knows Her Way Through The Woods (Keh-hleteh Hlepotteteh Eto-ofeh)

Scott Jennings – Burning Brightly With Brotherhood (Nek-hlee Holochee Es Etechakketee)

Lea Lajoie – Her Presence Refreshes Us (Estee O-Fulleechicheteh Pumee)

Debbie Summerlot – She Is Concerned With Our Welfare (Ekeetecheteh Nakee-momechiyat)

Jason Vise – Walks Far On Many Trails (Yekepeteh Hopiyee Sulkee Nennee)

Stephen Welch – Forever Smiling (Estofis Epelusweh)

Adam Wintenburg – True Arrow Of Quiet Flight (Mehenwe Hie Chiyiyakee Pefatketeh)

Richard Wintenburg – Gruff Giver Of Great

Heart (Telehswee Est-ehmih Rakke Fekee)

Vigil Class of 2001

Inducted March 24th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2001 Spring Conclave.

Chris Collings – Rakkee Epeluseh Teuekches Tulasweh (Big Smile with Tangled Tongue)

Bobby Davis – Kiyee Fehkee Lakchipee-Lanhnee (Warm Hearted Live Oak)

Harold Donald – Hotilee Licheh Woapalanne Ti-hlepeh (Wind Beneath the Eagles Wings)

George Harrison – Kayichehs Heerakeh Atilekses (He Lays Out a Fine Spread)

Christopher Hester – Sukcheh Miketehkes Tinahspee Punikeh (Quiver Full of Slick Talk)

Jeff Leadbeater – Lowchki Empunayeh Rakkee Puyifekche (Soft Speak of Great Spirit)

Deborah Long – Enkee-etskee Wochoh Tehe (Thumb Carver)

Ann Metcalf – Setehs Etolkuleechiketen Kileecheteh (Brings the Torches to be Lit)

Stephen Palvisak – Yekchee Efulotakee Omiyat Ehlepeh (Strong Shoulders Swimming Upstream)

David Summerlot – Ehotchehs Enakee Nennee (He Writes His Own Way)

Andrew Wheeler- Yekipetes Emunki Afechki Hecheteh Chi (Hiker Always Glad to See You)

Vigil Class of 2002

Inducted March 16th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2002 Spring Conclave.

Mark Gordon – Micconope Chutkee (Big Little Chief)

Kevin Holland – Wiswaheteh Puyefekcheh Es Yekchee (Whispers the Spirit with Strength)

Kathy Labar – Hoktee-echakeh En Etoh-ofee (Lady of the Woods)

Tim Motta – Wahitlaw Nekhlichee Holochee (Southern Star Burning Brightly)

David Wickham – Heyeteh Pumee Senheehleh Fetteh (Build us a Better Place)

Glen Ward – Chokoh-seholopeh Mehahketeh (Patient Painter)

Dennis Siewert – Chuto-Kunaweh Nak-hayeh (Financial Alchemist)

John Vajanyi Jr. – Achewon Wdee Machque (Strongheart Bear)

Vigil Class of 2003

Inducted March 15th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2003 Spring Conclave.

Tom Harrell – Chukeseh Senhehle-hayeteh Techakat (Beard That Builds Better Brothers)

Richard Patton – Wetochwink Macheli (One who is Father to Many)

Patrick Hanegan – Epeleteh Hiuauakee Oh-wewa (Laughing Light Upon The Water)

Jim DePaolo – Nokusee Kawapkes Setarkeh (Bear that Bears the Load)

Michael Donahue – Henka Memekahles (Yeah, I’ll do it)

Jason Egli – Lemhee Tuhlweh (Eagle Eye)

Jeremy Hurst – Teffo Tasketes Homeh (Grasshopper Jumps to the Front)

Jeff Leadbeater, Sr. – En-ekeh Holochee Es-etotkeh (His Head Shines With Service)

Daniel Leckron – Tulko-enchakhechkeh Heerusee (Handsome Beanpole)

Tyler Robbins – Hechicheteh Heerusi En-ekeneh (Shows us the Beauty of the World)

Brad White – Wicheches Es-enkee Lukuthee (Heals with a Calm Hand)

Carolyn White – Elostichekees Opunkeh Em-epeluseh (Delight In The Dance Of Her Smile)

Vigil Class of 2004

Inducted March 13th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2004 Spring Conclave.

Steven Case – Hotilee Yiniseh (Buffalo Wind)

Dominic DePaolo – Estehmeh Ehsko (Selfless Chipmunk)

Marcas DePaolo – Ena-chihlehee Akueyees (Muscle Moves It)

C. Wesley Doyle – Lemhee Hofunee (Long Time Eagle)

Ryan Fadden – Yekechiches Atat Tenhlepetekee (Gains Strength From Challenges)

Scott Fleming – Hayatet Es-Afichketekee Chehoweh (Generous with His Joy in God)

Helen Peacock – Hoktee-Ichaki Es-Hekcheh Istachata (Graceful Lady With Native Style)

Stuart Oxman – Shofar Hakee Afechkee (Shofar Sounds Joyfully)

Dominic Palvisak – Yekchee Efulotakee Omuyat Ehlepeh (Strong Shoulder Swimming Upstream)

Matt Ragan – Aheechichehs Puneto-Ofeh (Guardian Of Our Forest)

Ryan Showman – Opeh Es-Sulkee Nakee-Wiyetakeh (Owl with Many Gifts)

Eric Snyder – Kafehs Yekchee Okee-Laukee (Strong Rower on Deep Waters)

Wilson “Bud” Timmons Jr. – Topeh-Cheto Momet Puntotkikee (Bedrock For Our Fires)

James Marshall Stanton – Ehlakkwecakea Rakkee (Man of Great Stature)

Luis Fernandez – Sen-hopohlinee Enoh-hlolopetakeh (Wiser Than His Years)

Vigil Class of 2005

Inducted March 5th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2005 Spring Conclave.

Marvin J Meyers – Em-epelkeh Hiyayeketeh Pun-nennee (His Laughter Lights Our Way)

Michael Diamond – Estimeliken Malumhicheten Estilkee (Patch Person who Patches People)

Christopher Harvey – Esti-Rakkee Chiyiyen Sefiki-Rakken (Quiet Giant with Great Heart)

Kyle Molldene – Echopuchen Chelokketen Yefekcheh (Spiked One Speaks the Spirit)

James Godwin – Chukesseh Kehletem Punekeneh (Beard Knows Our Lands)

Brent Marshall – Seteh Yeneweh Opehnetch-heerusen (Apple Cheeked Fancy Dancer)

Robert Dallas – Totke Ekitechen Mincales (Firewatcher Forever Faithful

Andy Collier – Micco Rakkeemahen Re-chatee (Great Big Red Arrow)

Vigil Class of 2006

Inducted March 17th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2006 Spring Conclave.

Tracy Longbons – Amangiechsin Achgektum (Loud Teacher)

Carolyn Bartlett – Gentheen Macheleman (Esteemed Dancer)

Andrew Fish – Letkes Nennee Sen-Chupkee (Runs a Longer Trail)

John Alexander – Kerkuechetah Eipayeh (Assertive Leader)

Scott Brown – Hiyayekee Fekee Osenneh (Light Hearted Otter)

TJ Brownfield – Nokusee Epeluseh Askesi Rafo-hakof (Smiling Bear of Autumn Sunset)

Michael Kingston – Omiyes Ehlecheesoh-etotketeh (Swims Swiftly to Service)

Ernest Tegge III – Noricheh Yemeses Pun-Nehlekee (Cook Pleases Our Tummy)

Daniel Holland – Afechkee Yehikee Mehayeh (Spirited Musical Mentor)

Larry Drake – Hechiches Nennee Leputkee (Shows the Straight Trail)

Daniel Roberts – Nak-hayeh Kelpee Puchasee (Mechanical Brain Master)

Ritchey Roberts – Tohtahleh Chiyayekee (Quiet Builder)

Amie Davis – Alosteteh Tekuelkeh (Esteemed Counsellor)
Pete Venderhoof – Nokosuchee Puchah (Cub Grandfather)

Vigil Class of 2007

Inducted March 11th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2007 Spring Conclave.

Mark Abbott – Tothek Frke (Heart of Fire)

Tim Alexander – Hotilee Hlakee Mahomahkee (Great Guiding Wind)?

Richard Cale – Hichee-Chetakeh Tafeh (Red Hawk Tail Feather)

Anthony Cox – Afechkee Opuhnes (Joyful Dancer)

Howard Dehner – Horkaseh Yekcheteh (Companion of Deep Power)

Matthew Eason – Estee Helesweh Chuko-Chatta (Medicine Man of the Red Tipi)

Tim Everett – Elostichers Enakee Hohlkaseh (We Delight In His Company)

Jeremy Fogg – Ehohtchkee es Etoyehittee (Writes with Lightening)

Richard Gregory – Eipayeh Tos Punakee (He is our Superhero)

Christopher Hennessey – Kehleh-hleteh Ofen Etoh-ofeh (We Know Him in the Forest)

Jace Hester – Gettemaheleman Wulamoen Achgiiki (Compassionate Devoted Jester)

David Kapp – Munkes Puy Afekcheh Re (Enduring Spirit of the Arrow)

James Marshall – Hechkee es Enketeh Ekeh (Shapes with his Hands and Head)

Arthur Polnasek – Enriches Pumee Ah-Chemketeh (Helps Us to Climb Higher)

Matthew Rowe – Hotchocheh Yehkes Punekekee (Scribe Shouts the Way)

Edward Rutledge – Huerirekee Eteetakitee Enichkeh (Stand Ready to Help)

Donald ‘Mr.’ Smith – Puchasee Temimehpkeh-Nafketeh (Master Drummer)

Terry Smith – Temimehphek-Nafketeh Sen-Chapkee (Long Tall Drumbeater)

Stephen Spake – Ellee-Weikes Hulwee Palikneh (Steps up to the Plate)

Gerald Sulsenti – Nakonekee hofolehs (Stories Spring Forward)

John Whitfield – Hechichekee Pumee Momat Hecheteh (Shows us what to See)

Peter Whitfield – Eheletekee Silkee Retihek Mihlakeh (His Quiver Holds Many Different Arrows)

Vigil Class of 2008

Inducted March 8th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2008 Spring Conclave.

Jay Langley – Gettmageleman Topalowilenno

Charles Brasfeild III – Selehfkee Evpayeh (Servant Leader)

David Yannick – Enhessee Etehkey Oketakkee (A Friend for All Seasons)

Cody Boettner – Honeechee Hunihchefehel Opineteh (Wild Whirlwind Dancer)

Robin Boyd – Hespkwi Onayeteh Chempi Hueketeh (Robin Speaks with Sweet Voice)

Jamer Heasley – Enkeh Rakkee Kapetohkeh Suletakee (Big Head with Many Hats)

Ben Laube – Afeekhakketeh Osehuueh (Confident Otter)

Martin Olvera – Epufasteh Punakee Punketakee (Preserves Our Traditions)

Chris Rafferty – Yekehpeteh Ohetelakay Ekehlketakee (Walks the Further Miles)

Vigil Class of 2009

Inducted March 22nd at Camp La-No-Che during the 2009 Spring Conclave.

Frank Acevedo – Epayeh Yekchee (Strong Leader)

Christopher Bergau – Testenekkee Mahlepehtkusee (Serious Warrior)

Darrell Brock – Hehlometeh Eketchee (Faithfully Vigilant)

Matthew Brunold – Empunayeh Esfehtchehayeteh (Speaker with Godliness)

Mitchell Gordon – EYASKEE HESSEE (Humble Friend)

Peggy Hall – Nekhlee Hehlessee-hiyayekee (Burning Moonlight)

Nathan Johnstone – Ahehchicheh Etoh Totkeh (Guide to the Fire)

Jonathan Kern – Hepohayeteh Etekat Nennee (Camper All the Way)

Nick Larson – Ehpayeh Puyefekcheh Rakkee (Leader of Great Spirit)

Benjamin Lott – Pehfnee Tisam Ekehlichkeh (Fast as Thought)

David McCulloch – Mehayeh Miccanopeekelkee (Mentor to Little Chiefs)

Matthew Moon – Tohotep-lanee Uekiweh Epufasteh (Sulphur Springs Preserver)

David Shaffer – HEROMEE FEHKEE (Faithful Heart)

Matt Tucker – Eseheesaketeh Muntehlecheteh (Inspiration to Excel)

Lawrence Weimer – Kulkee-hutee Holochee Enicheh (Bright Torch of Service)

Charles Wetzel – Totolosee Etoyehettee (Lightning Chicken)

Vigil Class of 2010

Inducted March 20th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2010 Spring Conclave.

Steven Bisbing – Memsochet Atschimolsin Wojauwe (Traveler Who Counsels Chiefs)

Jerry Brady – Le-Homahtakee-Jlakkee Heehles (Bad Boy Good Friend)

Alexander Deloach – Estee-Otee Heches Ahechk-Eteekat (Beach Bum Sees the Horizon)

George Gregory – Chepani Eholwakee Engessee Heehles (Bad Boy Good Friend)

William Patterson – Hitkee-Tekfehnkeh (Bald Eagle)

Gregory Raymond – Ahonkehtes Toknapi-Lopochkee (He Counts the Coins)

Stanley Richards – Hayetes Akopinkeh Sohsee Etotketeh (Makes Fun Out of Work)

Richard Scovil – Aheechichheh Fayetilkee Mineht-Tee (Watchful Guide to Young Hunters)

Stephen Scovil – Fehyeh Mahee (Tall Hunter)

Christopher Tito – Weenahueches Punihkeh (He Brings the Word to Life)

Vigil Class of 2011

Inducted March 19th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2011 Spring Conclave.

Vigil 2011

Carl Ashcraft IV – Sumketeh Afulketeh Ahonketeteh (Goes Away and Come Back to Count)

Michael Burton III – Tosohatchee Hecheteh Hopiyeh (Crazy Chicken Sees Far)

Jonathan Cirillo – Enpuyegekcheh Kulecheteh Nennee (His Spirit Lights the Way)

Tyler Cobb – Tustenekkee Ayochatta (Red Tailed Hawk Warrior)

Steven Cournoyer – Eketehchee Pun-Hoyanee (Mindful of Our Past)

Andrew Erwin – Totkeh Yemesee Etekat Techakkat (Friendly Fire for All Brothers)

George Foley – Eheechicheh Temesee Puyefekcheh (Quiet Keeper of the Spirit)

Bill Gosselin – Etotketeh Efusteteh (Works to Serve)

Eric Hanson – Hoyeteh Pefatketeh Lemtakeh (Gives Flight to Eagles)

Melissa Haymes – Mihayeteh Fuswetakeh Sumketeh (Teaches Birds to Fly)

Constantine Karavolos – Fekee Hiyeteh Totkeh Yemehsee (Warn Heart of Friendly Fire)

Aliceann Marshall – Epeluhseh Tehokneteh Hotoskee (Smile Lightens Our Load)

Brent Meister – Munket Opehneteh (Forever Dancing)

Charles Patterson – Feketakee Yehiketeh Yefekcheh (Strings Sing the Spirit)

John Rhoades – Nokusee Hiyomat Emunkeh (Bear Is Always There)

Shane Scovil – Fahyeh Afechkeh (Happy Hunter)

Nick White – Opehneteh Peheh Ista Nakeleshkeh (Grass Dancing Patch Man)

Jerra Willman – Non-Chehtest Momet Estee Yekchee (Cooks for Strong People)

Vigil Class of 2012

Inducted May 26th at Camp Ais during a special Vigil induction event.

Michael Baker – Fecheechkeh-Chuko Estee-Wenayeh (Courthouse Cop)

Michael Burton Jr. – Chuleh Hehleee Mahayeteh (Friendly Fox Who Trains)

Phil Daly – Fekee Soh-Fineteh Fekee (He Flows from Heart to Heart)

Donald Dillon – Efulowet Chiyayekee Yekchee (Quiet Steady Shoulder)

Donald Issitt III – Nefketeh-Nefkeh Fekchee (Brings Rhythm from the Heart)

Joseph Kirschten – Lemhee Sumketeh Oketeh Onupuh (Soaring Eagle Transcends Time)

Sam Korn – Kakkee Hopyeteh Re (Raven Quests for the Arrow)

Bob Preis – Teenetkee-Hlakee Hetemoh-Maketeh (Thunder with Many Echos)

John Morgan Stanton – Katepokeh-Chatta Hlenee-Chemketeh (Red-Capped Mountain Climber)

Bo Terry – Takuecheteh Cheepineke Hesaketeh (Prepares Youth for Life)

Steve Tobler – Tekuehket Hopohlinee Enhehleteh (Wise Counselor Creates Fun)

Andrew Turner – Yetehek Chelokketeh (Interpreter Speaks Many Languages)

Edison Velez III – Emathla-Chiyayekee Fenkee-Pefnee (Silent Leader Swift Flame)

Thomas Whitlow – Ehpelusheh Rakken Mahee (Tall Big Smile)

Vigil Class of 2013

Inducted March 15th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2013 Spring Conclave

Vigil 2013

Gregory Batty – Nakochee Atat Emeteh (We Are Richer From His Gifts)

Paul Braithwood – Opeh-Okee Puyefekcheh-Epulkee (Spiritual Own of the Waters)

Susan Burton – Etskee Yekchee-Nahee Totalosee (Mighty Chicken Mother)

Tom Calvert – Hayeteh Nakee Momat Heyeteh Nakee (Makes Things That Make Things)

Benjamin Cavallari – Nokusi-Hlakee Papeteh Hetuti-Afkeh (Big Bear Eats Ice Cream)

Christopher Colebaugh – Ehehicheh Arakkee Sukcheh (Reverent One Guards Our Pockets)

Larry Easley – Micco Nori-Cheteh Estee-Hepo (Cooking Camp King)

Brandon Eiler – Ehehlichee Homahteh Es-Ekelpee (Conscientious Leader with Brains)

Alex Field – Tastanakee Es Aya-Maheteh (Warrior with Perseverance)

Doug Field – Mehlepetketeh Teehonkeh (Calm in Chaos)

Robery Foley – Ayochatta Enicheteh Chaneh (Helps Hawks to Soar)

Gary Gibson – Mahomateh Nini Le-Homahte (Guide of The Scouting Path)

Connor Gilmore – Tafeh Puecheteh Fehlecheteh (Makes Feathers Whirl)

Kyle Gilmore – Osehnneh Hacho-Hakee Opehneteh (Crazy Dancing Otter)

Alvin Gregg – Suletawilkee Mosulleteh Yanasa (Smiling Buffalo Soldier)

Joshua Gwynn – Chechusehlkee Menhenwi Hle Yekchee (True Brother Steady Arrow)

Joseph Hanson – Hlehle Timketeh Tepoyeh (Fighting Flying Fish)

John C Jennings III – Chikee Tohtahleh (Lodge Builder)

Sally Richardson – Mahomahteh Munketeh (Enduring Mentor)

Bryan Rogers – Ellee-Ewiketeh Hulwee Palehkeneh (Steps Up to the Plate)

Ethan Voegele – Epeluseg-Hlakee Etotkeh Cheletwee (Big Smile Hard Worker)

Brent Weilhamer – Nefketeh Enhessee (Friend to the Drum)

Derek Zoock – Homahteh Tehopkee Etecheteh Eyeteh (Nimble Leader Lights the Way)

Vigil Class of 2014

Inducted March 15th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2014 Spring Conclave.

2014 Vigil Honor Recipients

Thomas Calvert II – Micco Ayekcheteh (Mister Perseverance)

Donald Campbell – Echeteh Kupotokeh (Wears Many Bonnets)

Jonathan Campbell – Afeekchahket-Heevet (Diligent One)

Harrison Cord – Totiluecheh Eeyasketeh (Humble Coder)

Ryan Crider – Sokcheh Akhotteteh Poloksee (Beetle Closes The Circle)

Michael Deliz Sr.  – Hayeteh Pumee Fitcheecheteh (Gets Us Organized)

Donald Dillon Jr. – Ayeh Eemochiseecheteh Puyifekcheh (Traveler Regenerates The Spirit)

David Druhan – Punayeteh Munket Totkeh Enaheteh (Talks Until The Fire Goes Out)

Margaret Farmer – Enhehleteh Iketeecheteh Hlehlo (Likes To Watch Fish)

Elliott Gregg – Estofis Apelki-Hakeh (Constant Cheer)

Dawn Gross – Punakee Ekehlichkeh Etechakkat (Our Thoughtful Brother)

David Hedengren – Aherihee Muhayeh (Careful Teacher)

Adam Marzec – Ahlakkee Eshanehkeh (Reverent Rocker)

George Maul – Okee Laukee Mihayeh (Deep Water Counselor)

Arthur Shippee – Ehketeecheteh Oheto-Ilkeh (Watchful Over Our Forest)

Michael Sulsenti – Aossicheteh Punakee Opunikeh (He Sends Our Message)

Logan Taaffe – Meheteh Pehfnee (He Grows Fast)

Michael Todd – Yekchee Hleh (Steadies the Arrow)

William Weiss – Chuki-Owucheee Wahehleh (Snowbird Comes South)

Vigil Class of 2015

Inducted March 13th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2015 Spring Conclave.

Gail Wescott – Lakchipeh Hokshee Hahicheteh-takee (Lady Oak Makes Things)

Steve Eisinger – Kehl-hleteh Ekenhelhaweh (Knows The Mountains)

Lucile Slaton – Ponettakee Hokkolen (She Is Two Animals)

Max Sulsenti – Hiyayeketakee Hiyomeecheteh (Shines Many Ways)

Michael Deliz, Jr. – Es-eheesaketeh Chayiyahkee (Quiet Inspiration)

Sean Hedengren – Etakehlepicheteh Poyafekcheh Pimeh (Introduces The Spirit To Us)

Vigil Class of 2016

Inducted March 12th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2016 Spring Conclave.

Vincent Annunziata – Rahtevre Noricv (Chief that Shoots)

Aidan Apel – Kowikerakko (Guiding Prairie Chicken)

Charles Bachman – Emunky Vnicetv (Always Helpful)

Pedro Baylon – Acayecetv Opvnkv (Persevering Dancer)

Nicholas Bentley – Kapeetvne Essetv Oketv (Captain Takes Time)

Tyler Bexfield – Vhecicv (Keeper)

Jonathan Catiller – Micco Hotcicv (Chief Scribe)

Hunter Clifton – Tohottowv (Black Powder)

Eric Cooper – Etokulecvkvten Hvlvtetv (Torch Bearer)

James Graf – Nuu Selaman (Octopus Sailor)

Michael Green – Opvmathlal (Owl Leader)

Mac Griffith – Cate Estehvpo Emathla (Red Camp Leader)

Stephie Hendry – Mvhayv Punvtvv (Teacher of Many Creatures)

Steven Kirsch – Pofketv Fixico (Horn Blowing Bad Boy)

Ethan Macomber – Hopotecetv (To Burn Woods or Prairie)

Joseph NeSmith – Ayoholo (Loud Hawk)

Andrew Overbey – Heniha Towatolkv (Voice of the Drum)

Charles Owen – Lokcvpe Vsimwe (Mossy Oak)

Samuel Slaton – Lvmhe Lvste (Black Eagle)

Vigil Class of 2017

Inducted March 10th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2017 Spring Conclave. The Vigil class of 2017 was named in recognition of brother Sherwood “Rick” Obermeyer.

Jordan Barber – YEKCHEE EKEHLICHEH, LOPICHEE FEEKEH (Strong Will, Kind Heart)

Justin Benson – ESTEE-NEKHLETEH  HOLKETEH ETAKI (Burning Man Hurt By Trees)

William Bentley – NEHLEE-NEHLKEPI   APATAKA  HOHLKOPEH (Midnight Waffle Bandit)

Ridge Bonnick – MAHI   AFECHKI  TOHLOFEH (Tall Cheerful Face)

Christopher Clifton – ONIYETEH   HOMPETI-HAYA   EPESWEH (Story Teller Cooks The Meat)

Kellen Cooper – SENHOMATETEH   TASECHETEH (Leads The Jumping)

Johnmichael Fernandez – OHUCHLITA  MICCO  HONNEH (Traveling Kilted Chief)

Joseph Gans – APILITA-HLAKKEE  IKA  CHATEE (Big Red Headed Smile)

Brandon Glass – AFECHKETEH ENICHEH (Happiness Helper)

Karen Hammond – ESTE-HEPO  ENOKKILKEE-EFASTEH (Camp Nurse)

Vincent Kirsch – ISTA  KA-POTOKI  SULKEE (Man of Many Hats)

Casey Ladurini – ACHIMKETEH  EM-HILHIWEE  SATKEH (Climbs With High Purpose)

Harold Long – LIKAKAPPI   TOHL-SAKHEECHKEH (Shining Lens)

Gail Newton – IMAHAYETA   NOKOSSEE  ETO (Teaching Wood Bear)

Spencer Powell – AHEHLICHEE  HESAKETEH  HESAYEECHETEH (Careful Life Saver)

Colton Seybert – AFICHKEE  EN-HOMAHTEH (Cheerful Guide)

Anthony Siva – CHATEE HLAKKEE OPUNAYEH (Red Bubbly Speaker)

Benjamin Thompson – MICCO  SEM  MOMETEH (Imaginative Chief)

Matthew Vowell – FEEKEH   INICHEH  HAYEECHKEH (Musician With Helpful Heart)

Terry Wheeler – EMOSKOMETA  ESTEE-HONENWEH (Caring Big Man)

Kyle Wheeless – EKEH-ESI-LANEH   WATOLA (Blond Haired Crane)

Herbert Coard – CHEFEKNEE   KOLEEPA (Lively Firefly)

Wyatt Musgrave – HEEHKETEH TASTENAHKI (Roaring Warrior)

Vigil Class of 2018

Inducted March 10th at Camp-La-No-Che during the 2018 Spring Conclave. The Vigil Class of 2018 was named in the memory of Brother Jeff Vowell.

Samuel Bennett – EPELKEH-HAKEH  YEHIKEE (Musical Laughter)

Sean Brannack – ESH-EHLESAKETEH  CHIYAYEKETEH (Quiet Inspiration)

Steven Brindle – ISTA  KESHOPOFEH  HOPOHLENKEH  EH (North Man With Wit)

Peter Brown – TASTANAGI  HEHLOMEE  ESTOFIS (Warrior Semper Fi)

Evan Butler – ISTA  ESLAFIKEH  CHAPKO  YEKCHEE (Steady Swordsman)

Randolph Coomes – HUERETH-HLAKKEE (He Stands Large)

Terri Coomes – YENESEH-EHECHICHETEH  NOKOSUCHEE (Buffalo Watches The Cubs)


Rene Flores – LUCHEH  HOLATEH (Blue Turtle)

Shawn Kopriva – EMEE  ACHEWETEH  HOTOSKEH (He Picks Up A Burden)

Quinn Mott – MICCO  TOSO  HACHO-HAKEE (Crazy Chicken Chief)

Dominic Perito – EYACHETEH   ECHITEH  KAPITOKEH (Likes Putting On Hats)

Stephen Perito – FEHYETETEH  AFECHKEE  NONICHEH (Genial Guide Who Cooks)

Norman Salveson – OPUNAYETEH  PUMEE (He Proclaims Us Abroad)

Vincent Schiffer – CHUKO-HIMECHEHLKEE  ENOKECHETEH (Loves His Family)

Manuel Soler-Davila – ENHESSEE  EPELETEH-HLAKKEE (Friend With Big Smile)

Lawrence Stempkowski – UE-AK-AHLEH   KULKEE  ENHAKEE (Sails With Light And Sound)

Devin Thimlar – OPA  TOTKEH  EKEH-ESSEE (Fiery Hairy Headed Owl)

Hoang Tran – AKWIYEH  LOPICHEE  HOMPICHETEH (Kind Fisherman Feeds Us)

Jackson Mosteller – Penkeh Tolosee (Chicken Dancer)

Vigil Class of 2019

Inducted March 9th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2019 Spring Conclave

Ron Blaisdell – Cuhyiyaké Futcecuh (Quiet Worker)

Noah Chaput – Tuhmuhmuhyekce Wakuhteho (Steers with a Strong Beat)

Jeremy Coomes – Uhnickuh Yuhmuhse (Gentle Helper)

Christopher d’Hedouville – Oh-Hecetuh Uhtotketuh (Looks to Serve)

Ivan Diaz – Miko Ahecicetuh Suhlicetuh (Chief Guards Our History)

Thomas Driscoll – Tohtáruh Senherehayetuh (Builds us Better)

Joshua Filion – Eyaske Euhpayuh Suhlicetuh (Humble Leader Writes History)

Rene Flores – Yekce Watuluh Rakke (Big Loud Crane)

Maxwell Gregg – Tuhópke Hayétuh (Skillful Craftsman)

Kenneth Harris – Poloyetuh Suhtotketuh (Rolls with Work)

Amy Iennaco – Opuhfkuh Punate Senecke (Lights Our Path)

John Jankay – Rakke Yuhmuhse Totkuh Uh-hecicuh (Little Giant Keeper of the Fire)

Michael Kahanca – Emehaketuh Uhculé (Patient Mentor)

Christian Kopriva – Eskafkuh Uh-hyeye Enuhce (Paddles Both Sides)

Samuel Litzenberg – Suhluhfké Emeyuksuhseko (Everlasting Spirit)

Adam Lucier – Fekuhmke Huhpo Nokosee (Courageous Camp Bear)

Theresa Nead – Yekcé-uhtotketuh Hotke Huhpo (Hard Working Camp Lady)

John Rader – Uh-hecicuh Kulecetuh (Keeper of the Light)

Harry Smith – Custake Synyekces (Builder of Youth)

Steven Wilson – Afekcaket Uhnicuh (Diligent Helper)

Kyle Wojcik – Suhtetuh-pu Tepokte (Brings Us Closer)

Jill Eggebraaten – Muhhoruh Yekce (Vocal Seamstress)

Vigil Class of 2020

Inducted November 8th at Camp La-No-Che during the 2020 Lodge Induction Weekend.

Joseph Deluca – Aheciev Afvcke Vtotketv Este-hu’po (Guide Who Joyfully Serves Camp)

Tyler Drone – Cutke Mekko Es Yekce En En-nene (Little Chief With Mighty Hope)

John Hill – Herome Yvike Por’rv (Charitable Musical Charmer )

Kyle Hoffman – Eme Nv’pv Mehkusp’kv Ofv Uewv  (He Who Worships In Water )

Amy Jankay – Catuse Culv Vpelusv  (Red Fox Smiles )

Theodore Krueger – Yékcē Vhēcícv Monáyetv Nak-onv’kv (Loud Keeper To Tell Tales )

Benjamin Mellert – Este-cate Svpikv nv’pv tis Lv’mke (Redman Drawer Who Sparks As Eagle )

Charlene  Neuterman – Enhesse Kapv-rak’ko Yomucke (Friend Cloaked In Darkness)

Randy Nunley – Eme Vkerkuecetv Ayetv Hiyakv’kuse (He Marks The Way Brightly)

Thomas Shorthill – Vnicv Yvfekcv Oh-hiyayicetv Pume (Helpful Spirit To Shine Upon Us )

James Stratford – Mvhayv Sen-here-hayetv (Teacher Makes Us Better)

Evan Tatavitto – Vketece Ahecicv Kiyahketv Tvi’wv (Watchful Guide To Hold Up Tribe)

Leigh Taylor – Cuse Onayetv Menhenwv (Brother Speaks Truly)

Mark Waskelis – Ahecicv En Ce Fih’ne (Watchman Of The Stream)

Maylyn Zarembski – Hokte-vcakv Etuecetv (She Makes A Difference)