2023 Fall Fellowship Registration!

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Lodge News


        As we are about to begin a weekend of fun, fellowship, learning, and competition at this year’s Fall Fellowship, I want to take a moment to tell everyone how excited I am to spend another weekend with you.

        With this year’s Clue themed Fall Fellowship, prepare yourself to solve scavenger hunts, escape rooms and puzzles, and much more. So put on your detective cap and get ready to solve the mystery of “Who Did It”? Was it the Inductions team with the dagger in the ceremony ring, or was it the Lodge Chief with the highlighter in the conference room? It is up to you and your closest brothers to figure out who it was before they get away.

        Fall Fellowship is when our Tipisa family gathers to celebrate friendships, old and new. Although there will be many camp-wide competitions throughout the weekend, we must not forget an important part of fall fellowship, the seminars! The knowledge we gain guides us to build our lodge by giving new brothers an adventure to experience. This event features opportunities for brothers interested in Ceremonies, Elangomats, Unit Elections, history of Tipisa Lodge, and learning about local Native American tribes.

        Saturday Morning will consist of a series of team events called the Quest for the Golden Arrow. The Friday night show will feature the Brotherhood Call-Out

        Additionally, all Ordeal members are invited to complete the Induction by becoming a Brotherhood member. (2023 dues must be current and a $15 fee is applied for Brotherhood sash). Dues can be paid here: https://tipisa.org/membership/) Join us for a weekend of fulfilling fun & fellowship!

       Here is the link to registration!  Central Florida Council – 2023 Tipisa Lodge Fall Fellowship (Scouting Event)

Yours in Brotherhood,

Sebastian Baldwin

Event Chairman