Section Conference

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Section Conference 2021: Perseverance for the Future

April 9-11, 2021 | Camp La-No-Che

All conference delegates, including guests and members of the host committee, must register via the link above.

Tipisa Members: Order the Tipisa Host Pack by March 31st to guarantee a host shirt, host flap, and host patch.


On behalf of our Section Leadership Team we are proud to invite you to attend Section Conference 2021!

Section Conference is the event where arrowmen from every OA Lodge in Florida come together for an incredible weekend! At Section Conference we’ll be offering conference-wide games, lodge vs lodge competitions, nightly shows, american indian activities, an expo, special events, and more!

Our Section Leadership Team has been working hard alongside Tipisa Lodge to plan what is sure to be an incredible Section Conference! We hope you’ll join us in persevering for the future at Section Conference 2021!

Section S-4 Leadership

Join us at Camp La-No-Che, April 9-11, 2021 for an event like no other! More details are listed in the registration form above!

Central Florida Council COVID-19 safety procedures are in effect. Click on the registration link to learn more about your role to play in these efforts. Read the entire policy at Camp La-No-Che’s covid-19 site.