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Tipisa Lodge, Camp La-No-Che, and the Southern Region of the Order of the Arrow is proud to host ArrowTour, our National Centennial Experience!


When: Thursday, July 9th. Program will begin around 3pm and the closing event will be held around 8pm.
Where: Camp La-No-Che
Who: All Arrowmen, Scouts, Scouters, Scouting Alumni, and family members are welcome to attend.
Learn more about ArrowTour:



If the cost of an ordeal is prohibitive to a scout attending, they can apply for an Ordealship: a Lodge level scholarship that can help reduce the price.
If you wish to receive an Ordealship, DO NOT Register for your Ordeal – instead, utilize the online Ordealship Application.
Once submitted, the Ordealship application goes straight to the Lodge Key three for review. You must submit your Ordealship Application at least seven days before the registration deadline of Ordeal you plan to attend. You will be notified of its acceptance, or if more information is needed through email.

Ordealships traditionally cover about half of the Ordeal fee, it should be up to the scout to secure the remaining funds.

Any further questions should be forwarded to



Have you been an Ordeal Member for 10 months or more? Then you’re invited to seal your membership and complete the induction by becoming a Brotherhood Member!

Upcoming Brotherhood Opportunities:

Space Coast Brotherhood Day

Chapter Brotherhood Dayslogo_brotherhood_red

  • Various Chapters have Brotherhood days throughout November & December. Contact your chapter leadership for more information.

Lodge Brotherhood Day @ Winter Camp

  • More information coming soon

Chapter Ordeal Season

  • Most chapters have an opportunity to go through Brotherhood during their Ordeal. Contact your chapter leadership for more information. Remember that you cannot serve as an Elangomat and through Brotherhood during the same weekend, so plan ahead!
What are the requirements for going through Brotherhood?
  • Ordeal member for ten months or more, while cheerfully serving you unit.
  • Familiarize yourself with the OA Obligation, OA Song, Handclasp, and Admonition.
  • Attend Brotherhood counseling (held prior to every BH ceremony).
  • Dues current member of Tipisa Lodge (Check or pay your dues here).